Fast Return – March 2013

We are:

At the turnout for Valentine’s Day’s big screen science fiction double feature of The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. Hundreds of young fans in attendance, and not a single exasperated fan viewing day organiser in sight. Truly the series is no longer ours, and hooray for that!

That we forgot to mention in last month’s Media Circus the not insignificant and most welcome TARDIS Tales Treasury out now on Lulu courtesy of RTP publishing. Not bad work, and proof positive that things have not all been quiet down south with the zine. Many apologies Alex!

Even better (if Alex doesn’t mind this said), confirmation via Facebook that, inspired by the abovementioned feature, TT creator Graham Muir is currently penning a special anniversary episode of the tales for RTP’s 50th anniversary issue in November. Result!!

At FreakyTrigger’s description of this past weekend’s big Big BIG [as-predicted] 50th anniversary casting news (courtesy of DWM- damn! The Beeb):

“The writing was on the wall for Tennant’s return some months ago. Said wall being the London Underground, and said writing the posters for “Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger””

At the stories of JN-T coming out now. On the 50th anniversary. The truth will out, as they say, but the timing of the revelations must have made a few production heads sore in recent weeks. And, well, yikes…

That the JN-T media storm predicted in the tabloids have thus far amounted to a couple of days of slightly-ill-informed reportage (no surprises there then) and an awful lot of angry comments after the article for suggestions that avuncular uncle Who du jour Colin Baker looked to be involved by poor virtue of him being in the topmost photo in the old desk file. In every cloud, eh?

The end of the world is indeed nigh. Two words: Alien. Babies.

Two issues of DWM celebrating the series half-century, imminent return and Smith’s newest ever bow tie, and both issues are roundly mediabombed by a moving and revealing twenty year-old interview with Jon Pertwee. Well played, sir!

And speaking of the past, finally:

For Billyfluffs. Push the button, Bill…

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