Fast Return Septober 2011


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Here we are at the cusp of November with so many updates we simply have to be brief and fast in this return because a lot of other recent eventenings are frankly the fodder of longer articles. So stay tuned and consider yourself warned. In the mean-time, here’s six of the best from the past eight weeks!

It’s Helloevening! And what better time than this to do fancy dress and angle for sweeties? Internet sweeties we mean. This year the ever popular trend of dressing your offspring as NuHoo characters (can we call them Moffat’s Moppets? Ed) is still ever popular. And from NuYoik ComicCon, here’s more cosplay. “What’s better than two Amys?” Asked Al and Rory this year. Well I can’t imagine this is. Cheers to Jono for the links.

Spare a thought for Ian Levine, who had a rough week in late October with the news that not only have 2|e opted out of including his animated reboot of Shada on the official release, but also that his extra-length Dimensions in Time (merciful heavens!) had slipped its leash and run barking onto the torrents. They say he shut the culprit down before it got around, but surely it’d be a first if he was one hundred per cent successful?

That Moffat. Moffaaaaat!! Hee hee (it’s not too late to reuse that gag is it? Ed) not only has he gone and dun it with a series that has more twists and turns than Chubby Checker on a turntable, but he’s gone and confused us all with when the blessed thing’s going to come back and for how many episodes. Seriously, can anyone give a straight answer on this? Paul?

But before we rage too hard, let us ponder: across the benighted interfields of the worldly wise web can there be a more benign and restrained playground than Twitter? The place of choice for those with little of import to say generally, and only 140 characters to do it with? Well, apparently so. Last month’s spat of upper cuts and Chinese burns between Smurfette and CHamiltonB (with GRoberts and T’Spillsbury standing by holding the producer’s jacket) was… well, you might be able to read it for yourself. Started innocently, if a little misjudged on the hilarity front, with a Golden Globes-related nudge from the Classic Series CHiBbers; then sort of… descended into bloody hell and eye gouging from there. What’s the collective noun for a gang of Twitter shout-downs? A ‘Yikes’, perhaps?

And finally…


Season 21 was never like this. Oh, NSFW BTW!

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