I’ve seen spoilers. Sigh.

Some of you – some of you named Al in particular, will be laughing at me in dismay for the fool’s errand I set myself for series Six in not courting disaster by seeking out spoilers, browsing the areas where they’re kept or even (shudder) straying to the margins of that laughably-perilous realm called ‘speculation’. For Bod’s sake, there’s no such thing as speculation in fandom – it all gets the brain working and before you can say “there’s an interesting twist in The Sixth Sense but I won’t ruin it for you” it’s probably too late!!

I strayed too close to an area I thought the new series wouldn’t be discussed (the audio board on GallyBase) and was undone by a numpty with over nine thousand posts to his name and the social responsibility of a dog on a croquet lawn. I’ve seen spoilers for The Impossible Astronaut. Where to from here?

Well, if you’ve not already seen that episode courtesy of a kindly relative (I have a maiden aunt in Bournemouth who loves the new series and tapes it all on her top-loading VHS, bless her) I’m not going to go any further. As for me I was outraged for three seconds, said “eh” and moved on.

But you know what? I’ve also decided something. I’m not going to review this series. I came into 2011 wanting to experience it as a ‘casual viewer’ with an outside life and responsibilities, and spack it all that’s what I’m going to do. Consider this the way ahead, and sorry to anyone who was looking forward to reviews here (er, was that anyone anyway?)

No reviews this year! And no spoilers because of it.


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  1. Al Says:

    Richard Millhouse Nixon on a bike, Peter, I’ve already written reviews of the first 6 episodes for Zeus Blog – and you drop this bombshell?
    Didn’t see that coming, sweetie.

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