Wellington, Friday 13th July, 2007


Let it be put on record, as suggested by Mister Tim Beverstock, that JJ Murphy’s outdo themselves with their bar menu. Oh sure, on laminated card it says “fish and chips’, or some variation thereof, but Foo will tell you that the resulting order will be vast and teeming with food, and that even a man with his constitution would find it hard to finish a plate (he did. Almost) without sinking like a chip-logged supertanker. With a turn out of 7 fans (not bad for Friday the 13th), there was enough conversation to keep us afloat. Topics included;

  • A little on series 3 but oddly enough not too much. While Tim loved Last of the Time Lords, Foo had felt that the episode let things down with the chanting of ‘Doctor’ and Alden preferred it to The Sound of Drums which he considered a bit too much running around . Other opinions… well, Jamas has his views here, and Peter opted out to let Jono speak for Zeus Plug. Foo had pretty much reached the conclusion that series three is his favourite even though it has three of the potentially worst episodes of the new series to contend with.
  • Soo… Who’s going to buy Timelash when it comes out? Much shuffling of feet and looking away followed. We predict that at least two present will cave in.
  • iPods and iPhones – yeah, they’re great but people do seem to go gaga over something that’s not really anything new.
  • Slight lamentation of no Zeus Blog to wipe up beer and tears (well blogs don’t tend to be that absorbent, Foo – Ed)
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures may be airing in September but are there going to be any returning monsters…there may be but we will only know in two months time. Foo had heard that a previous new series monster may give Sarah something to contend with…
  • Catherine Tate returning to Doctor Who (see: Timelash)
  • The appearance of Kelly (of Random Static) and friend Annie. Not a lot of faction Paradox gossip (for obvious reasons), but some discussion of the next years Sci-Fi con which will have Kate Orman and Jon Blum as guests
  • And finally the flicks – namely the Transformers movie – had both good bits and bad bits, it was a bit of fun but not a masterpiece – a very mediocre movie. General disapproval of Fantastic Four with far too much focus on the Invisible Woman’s impending wedding, and I think everyone was looking forward to the Simpsons movie and a couple the next Harry Potter as well.

 Er, and that’s it!

Foo, PA

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  1. Foo Says:

    My order for Timelash is locked and loaded…due mid September. Hooray :-)

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