Crystal Ball… REVISITED


Last year, we did pretty well with predicting what would happen in Series 2. This year… well… it’s been interesting… and not entirely accurate. To revisit:

The Judoon will be the big surprise repeat monster of the last episode!

Erm… no. No big surprise monster at the end of the series (which frankly made a nice change!).

To everyone’s shock, there will be a commentary with RTD involved in which he won’t say “Hoo-ray!”

Can’t really vouch for this one as, we admit, we didn’t really listen to any of the commentaries, except for the last episode (where Russell may not have said Hooray, but he did take much glee in the fan reaction to the inclusion of the Scissor Sisters – fantastic!)

There WILL be a multi-Doctor story at the end of this season.

Erm… no again. We did see multi-Doctors in Human Nature, but in inked form only.

The season cliffhanger will be companion-centred. Think an abducted Martha (allowing a bridging Martha-less yuletide romp on ice).

No, but she did bugger off,  so we were partially correct.

Gallifrey will somehow be ret-conned back into existence.

Not yet, but it’s only a matter of time

A well publicised spoiler will actually be a massive misdirection up a garden path (we wish)

No chance – The Master was… well… The Master, Derek Jacobi did regenerate into John Simm and Kylie will appear. Note to self – never read the tabloids.

Captain Jack will return the happy-go-lucky character he left as, with no mention made of the dark and moody Torchwood version (or stopwatches please).

A big fat yes on this one – in fact, he was centre stage in one of the most heartwarming scenes of the series (Doctor Vs Jack in Radiation Chamber – Utopia)

Exodus Ark. Feel free to infer from that what you will…

We did infer. But we were wrong.

The series and spinoffs will encounter a backlash or scandal in the UK.

Not as yet… the only backlash that we can see has been from the TSV editor

Torchwood, SJS and K9 Adventures will all get name checked during Series 3.

Yes to Torchwood, and no to the others. Shame. We were sure Bubbleshock would make a comeback.

Despite a thousand rumours to the contrary, there won’t be an appearance by The Rani.

No Brad… she didn’t (though, the rouge-fingernailled vixen at the end of LOTTL could well have been her… though probably not). Shame really, as the prospect of Zoe Lucker turning up did hold some appeal.  

Gridlock and 42 will generally be seen as the weakest episodes of the season.

42 certainly wasn’t universally adored, but Gridlock surprised many. The weakest episodes of the season ended up being the Dalek two-parter (backlash to the lack of Art-Deco Daleks perhaps?) 

Two Christmas specials with mentions of Mars in them? In a row? You don’t fool us, Russell – Ice Warriors in December 07!

Well it all looked so positive when the Titanic turned up (iceberg = Ice Warriors), but given that (spoiler ahead!) the villain now seems to be a short spikey red bloke, the chances of Slaar returning are fast diminishing…


4 Responses to “Crystal Ball… REVISITED”

  1. Paul Scoones Says:

    You did quite well with that lot. In fact, come to think of it, is this the first year in three where most of the popular fan rumours (the Rani excepted) have more or less proven to be correct?

    Given the appearance of a certain doomed vessel, I think you can remain fairly confident about the Xmas special involving ice at some point!

    Oh, and I don’t grasp why there should be such antipathy in fandom towards 42. I quite liked it. Not an outstanding episode, granted, but perfectly serviceable. I’d put it on par with Gridlock.

  2. Alden Says:

    “the only backlash that we can see has been from the TSV editor”

    The Outpost Gallifrey forums are positively brimming with backlashing. :)

  3. Foo Says:

    I tend to stay away from those forums – I just don’t have the time!


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