49 Ways to Kill a Dalek


If you’re bothered by Skarosian menaces and/or have little better to do on a grubby, wet Sunday morning, then you could do worse than seek help online. The history of Dalek destruction is long and noble, and everyone has a favourite from the classic and new series (baseball bat- no, Rock and Roll!- no, Milk Float!!) But, you ask, is there not a place listing some of the most effective means of Dal despatch, not to mention some of the most up-to-date and original? Reader, I’m happy to say, yes there is. Presenting  Something Awful’s 49 Ways to Kill a Dalek, accompanied by some of the most horrific fan art (actually I’m still hoping it’s faked) you ever might see. We had some scary things in Eighties fandom, but we never had a Furry Matt Smith. But I digress, and re-present to you SA’s list. My favourite? The distinctly non-lethal number 48.

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