March to the Finish

crackeditLess than a year ago the Eleventh Doctor made his debut, in a season-spanning arc that dealt with devouring fractures and spaces, a swallowing earth, memory, loss of life and time itself. Being the Doctor, our hero overcame all of these things, holding back fate and turning the Universe into his plaything, beating death. The events of last month remind us that, unlike our fictional idol, we can only achieve these sort of miracles (if at all) on small scale and under very special circumstances. Large catastrophic events are things we must instead live among, occasionally overshadowed by their awful immediacy. February was a hellish month for New Zealand, and even the world of Doctor Who fandom took blows as well – we lost friends and fellow fans in the Christchurch earthquake, and beyond these shores the series lost one of its most beloved actors. 

In the last fortnight of last month Zeus Blog was going to be put to bed permanently, retired quietly before the new series arrived, allowing me to concentrate on more non-DW projects, and maybe participate more in the broader online DW community here in NZ. After the 22nd it didn’t seem to matter, and so while nothing was updated, the idea of signing off amidst of bigger and more tragic events seemed distracting and pointless, especially as I’d intended to post a few items before doing so. Instead Zeus Blog has been granted another short reprieve while I gather my stuff together. But it will close.

The blog lost February, but there’s February-related content in draft form waiting to be finished and posted. Look out for it in the side column of this page, and we’ll catch you later on for the last hooray someday soon.


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  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Will be really sorry to see you go. ZB has been a great source of fun and inspiration for years now.

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