Fast Return – October 2010


Now ‘vember is upon us we approach the Christmas special at increasing speed. October was… odd, wasn’t it? A change of clothes, some drive-by legislation for Radagast (plus some other Moff alumni in Freeman and Nesbitt of course) – is there nothing we won’t do to get Doctors to return to our shores? And this:


Who’d have thought we’d come to this? It seems all the planets have aligned for the moment – we’re near enough in Axon heaven for those of us who enjoy a bit of frog-faking bug-eyed curly-whirly in our lives. DWM’s current strip The Golden Ones is storming barns everywhere with a solid team of Johnny Morris and Martin Geraghty leading the charge – and it’s in colour! Precisely the sort of thing colour was invented for, that – the Pertwee canon. Coming soon from Big Finish Productions of course is the spoilerifically-titled The Feast of Axos for Old Sixie and Evelyn, so if you like that sort of thing (and we do) it’s well looking forward to, especially with old Axon Male Bernard Holley soothing the mike with that cake-in-a-velvet-glove voice of his. Oh I’ve come over all funny. What else? Well, Seeds of Doom, innit? There’s an Axon in that one for sure. A green one. Hat-trick!

Bouquets to DWM also for their recent interview with mad Tom Baker and his latter-day costume designer June Hudson. In Soho, of course. Six pages of mutual admiration, madness and genuine fondness. It’s a great read. And good to see June’s still dress-model deep in Who, having created the rather painterly cover for the third volume of Tom’s new audio series Demon Quest. And it’s not like she didn’t have designs of her own on Old Sixie and yon Eighth Doctor as well, as this fascinating link shows.

Oh dear.

A leather jacket, Paul? A big chunky glow-headed sonic that you now have to point at things? A hand bag?

Your Doctor’s meant to be approaching an all-encompassing Time War, not a mid-life crisis!

Yup. It’s dead. Kaput. Joined the choir invisible.
I don’t think draping tea bags over a Cardiff fence is going to bring this one back either, kids.

Revisitations Twooo! Carnival! Resurrection! Seeds of Deaaath!
Your mileage may vary in your response to that forthcoming DVD line-up. Resurrection gets an episodic treatment and if there are new effects a Tennant-hosted doco and cool Info Text then fair enough and more power to your gunstick. But Carnival? Really? And didn’t we already pay too much for Seeds in the first place? I mean, it’s a good story with some lovely images but it’s a slick package already at two-thirds the price. Sure, Pat’s face is blue on the DVD spine and not full-colour. Apparently this is a BIG DEAL to some of the more OCD collectors out there. But is it worth delaying a VidFired copy of Tomb of the Cybermen for this?

Some love though, people, for our recent additions to the links over to the right. A CosPlay blog that’s really seriously good and well-researched! Doctor Oho is reviewing comic strips (and there’s a great Martin Geraghty interview over on his page too, with some rather tempting Vworp Vworp news!) And even RTP’s blog has shaken some of the grave dirt off and staggered out onto the empty streets, hungry for braiinns!

Chuck us a vid, love…

Good ’nuff!

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  1. Al Says:

    Can I just say – those June Hudson designs are fantastic. Trust a seasoned professional to show us how it should be done – with such apparent effortlessness. She certainly draws a mean McGann – get this woman to do a graphic novel! (or at least a CD cover… oh, hang on)

  2. the_other_dave Says:

    For the sake of preventing further altracations over the meanings of words, the Paul refered to in the fourth item is McGann, not Potiki, yes?

    Because if not, I would find it odd, and by odd I mean singular, and by singular… well there is only one of him…

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