Fast Return – September 2010

What, already? Where is this year GOING to?

Here’s the September-October skinny from the scene that dares not generate much news…


A-ha o-ho! TWO series next year – not a series of specials, or a gap year (although that’s some gap in there), but two bijou series in sized positively RETRO in design, albeit with the Noosurries narrative impetus of an overarching story. Maybe. Or a cliff-hanger betwixt them. Possibly. Hmm. Actually, we like this idea, and even if there’s no World Cup, Olympics or Eurovision (does anyone watch this post-Wogan anyway?) dividing things up or scaring the ratings, it seems like a fair enough experiment. Who is strong  and flexible – bring it on!


Not such good news for the new Dalek Paradigm (insert Teletubbies/i-Daleks/Mini Cooper/Lardeks substitute here, if you insist). A telling Moff interview in The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who Bumpers or whatever it’s called seems now to be relegating 2010’s bonded polychromatic enfants terrible to figurehead status and presumably opting for a quick paint-job of their predecessors, Rusty’s dumpy bots. It might be that cursed credit queeze putting word in the Grand One’s mouth, but any way you read it, this seems like a fair compromise. So we could be looking at genuinely red near-Classic looking Daleks for 2011. Cool! A-ha o-ho, but how will they be able to see one another, we ask?

Crooked Dice Game’s miniatures division have released shots of their new ‘green’, a template figure for their cult telefantasy line.

CasualMayKillanUnpainted she’s a beauty, and an enterprising modeller could no doubt turn her into a model citizen, video shop owner, kissogrammer, or even Time Lady. Where to begin?

So what’s it all about then, this ‘new Dimension’ Classic DVD release hyped in this trailer? We ought to know by tonight. It looks Daleky (or Greek – maybe it’s Mythmakers? Nah). 3-D? Animation? Surely not – too expensive. A Special Edition for sure… is that a spaceship exterior the teaser’s crawling over? Resurrection, maybe?

Oh, this is Christmas! A trailer for this year’s Yuletide Special. But it isn’t, of course. It’s a well-made fake. How well-made? Head on over to the delightfully-named Dirty Whoers blog to see the simple genius behind it all. (Thanks to Dave for the link!)

And finally…

Our Al Hughes is nothing of the sort (simple, we mean), but has provided a rather genius Who-related illustration in his time. Here, in case you missed it in the Fairfax TV Week supplement, is his Cardiff section of the big TV land location map, where Torchwood’s sandpit nestled wickedly among such spooky neighbours as Bon Temps, Summer Bay and, er, Shortland Street.


We particularly like the pterodactyl, Al. K-k-klak!

7 Responses to “Fast Return – September 2010”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Hmm, I’m still waiting the mod on their last build, turning the trucheon into a chricket bat… but as you point out the new “Eyfeila Scond” (or whomever) is at least, multifunctional.

    Soooo, for those of us not in the know what did trailer One turn out to be?

    And wasn’t Trailer 2 nifty. I recognised the “set” of some of the orignial photos when I first saw it but didn’t twig that all the character “movements’ were so slieghtly done.

  2. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Trailer One = Day of the Daleks coming to DVD… yeah… feel the excitement…

  3. the_other_dave Says:

    Ahh, Day of the Daleks… hmm, is this the first episodic release? (complete on DVD of the First Time!)

  4. Peter A Says:

    Dave – apparently nu voices (I’m thikning Briggs), more Daleks, CG backgrounds (of the future city in ruins) and some specially-shot, retrograded footage. A cut above yer usual, apparently.

    They seem hell-bent on turning a worthy release (albeit not a spectacular-looking one) intosomething “epic”. Trailer up soon, I hear.

    Intriguing. Let’s hope there are “No Complications” har har!

  5. the_other_dave Says:

    Hmmm, while I am aware that there are some grumbles about Niklus’ Briggs (and don’t subscribe to dissing him generally) he does seem to pop up all over the place… (Ubiquitous Briggs if you will).

    As for the “EPIC” release… are we talking switch onable/offable special effects, or special extra movie disk you end up paying more for anyway, (VAC or CAV, Value Added Content, vs Content Adding Value) al lala Curse of Fenric or Kameleon box set – still ridiculously overpriced at my local Whitchoulls (haven’t had the heart to tell them).

  6. the_other_dave Says:

    Still, that said it would be interesting if they reinstated the original coda as per the book, though I doubt it would finish things as nicely on screen.

  7. the_other_dave Says:

    B’ah Humbug – so much for trying to write on quick response during morning tea. I take it this is what you mean by “No Complications”

    Though looking at the sidebar I wonder if the Restoration team have been getting their ideas of youtube for some of this….

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