“What?… What??!”


And so, it’s all over until Christmas for another year. Jono is away resting for the big review of episodes Twelve and Thirteen, but before he wakes up, let’s – just quietly – talk about the week that’s been. Shhh – he’s sleeping! He’ll need it.

Ah, look at him – so peaceful. You and I on the other hand may well have woken blinking in the bright glare of the triple-whammy of the season closing, the now-traditional Christmas Special lead-in scene, and news of who would be riding shotgun with the Doctor for 2008. Truth be told it’s been a funny last couple of weeks. That finale, eh? So much promise. Was Jack underused? Did you think the Toclafane were supposed to be something other than what they were revealed to be? Should Martha have taken the long walk? We’ll let Mr Park tell us what he thinks. For me, I was bewildered, a little disappointed, a fair bit nonplussed. To varying degrees it seems to be a common complaint, although I’ll stop short of invoking Divine Intervention. But that last scene. The Titanic, Russell? Really? I can’t decide whether the idea genuinely defies creativity, or whether an implied storyline of aliens/time meddling versus a real life catastrophe isn’t a bit… bleurgh. And not very Christmassy. But for the moment it’s just a scene and a few casting notes, not a storyline just yet. Ghostbusters 2 managed to have the Titanic in it without welding it to the main plot, and I may yet see those Ice Warriors I predicted for this year’s panto family special. Wait and see, I guess.

The other ‘wait and see’ of course is Ms Tate – Donna as a companion. When I heard that the place was open I suggested her to a mate as a joke. Not many people laughing, I see. Not good news for a comedienne, and again – what’s the plan Russell? Will she go serious? Will she be there to lighten up a Doctor who she first saw as cold and distant and who we’ve seen grow steadily so in recent stories? Or is it more of the same wakka-wakka until the mid-season kicks in and familiar faces are brought back? Ah again – wait and see. He’s playing a cruel game, this one.

So all we’re sure is, we’re none of us certain of where this is all going. Rusty may have calculated that such a combination of marmitey elements would keep tongues wagging for another six months and we’ll all come back clamouring for more. Or it might be enormous double-hulled hubris. We can’t know. It’s too soon.

Don’t send Mister Winkler out on those waterskis just yet, it’s just another round of waiting, debating, speculating. Really, the months ahead are the moments we’re really fans for. The young fans out there have their episode memories, the magazines, the playground games to tide them over; but our playground has just re-opened promising flights of fancy that could be on the ball or wildly off-target, mad, sad, delirious, irate or hilarious. Real fandom starts as soon as the show stops. Get in amongst it.


7 Responses to ““What?… What??!””

  1. Alden Says:

    Who wants to bet that the Christmas Special *will* have santa-bots in it, despite them being wildly out of season? :)

  2. Peter A Says:

    u canot has xmas spshlz w/out santabots lol!

  3. Peter A Says:

    Oops. That’ll teach me to post after reading lolwho.

    I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…

  4. Paul Scoones Says:

    Winker??!! My pre-teen self would be mortified at this mispelling of his idol’s name. :)

  5. rtpeditor Says:

    An accurate summation of the current state of play. The final 3-parter seemed like a checklist of missed opportunities (and Jack was *SO* underused it really was a question of why bother?) and editorial decisions that left people feeling a little nonplussed. Suffice to say that the small gathering of Christchurch fans weren’t terribly impressed.

  6. Peter A Says:

    Ah, so it’s not just Wellington then, Alex? Shame.

    Paul – good spotting on the typo. MY teen self would have been sniggering rather guiltily at the name “Mister Winker”. It does sound a tad euphemistic :o

  7. Foo Says:

    I, too, felt that Captain Jack was underused. However, I wouldn’t write the final two episodes off as complete tosh.
    The one part that I couldn’t stand was the ‘saying the Doctor’s name’ bit in LotTL – that was rubbish. I have thought about it and there are ways that RTD could have had a similar result (and still with Martha doing her PR work) without it needing to resort to everyone saying his name at a prearranged time. Then again, it does tie a little into Torchwood with the episode They Keep Killing Suzie where a poem is used to unlock the locked down hub as well as The Shakespeare Code where the power over words that the Carrionites possess is likened to the power one can wield with Mathematics.

    Of course, the power isn’t derived from simply saying numbers but using them in formulae/designing/engineering etc.

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