Fast Return – June 2007



Sigh. We used to visit Outpost Gallifrey all the time for the news, casually ignoring its hemispherist promotional images for the next episode that hadn’t made it to NZ yet. It worked. Then this (June 15th 2007 for those of you playing at home) happened and we’ve been not that keen to go back. “Spoilerish” my arse! You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do, Lyon!


Speaking of spoilers, is this any way to discuss them? And we thought we all got into fandom for the exciting lifestyle…


Some sad news to impart, but one which immediately raises the value of every issue of Zeus Plug out there in hard copy by – ooh, cents probably. Last month saw Jono’s laptop stolen, and with it, the proofs of every single Zeus Plug edition known to man. Layout, text, the lot. But here at Zeus Blog Terraces we aren’t negative Nellies, and so we should stress that Jono’s tragic loss is also the gain of every collector of ‘zines out there (that’s you Jon Preddle!) If our 5th form Economics teachers taught us anything (and it’s doubtful), that means that every issue out there is now rare and thus worth something more than the ‘free’ it originally went for and could be a tidy investment. Hang on to your copies and you could be rolling in it by Christmas. That’s better now Jono – isn’t it?


Here’s an idea Shaun: you might find it useful to provide some sort of colour-coded ‘visual’ to qualify just what ‘spoilerish‘ means and just how damaging said tidbits could be, sort of like what the President (not that president, I mean George W Bush) uses for when the polls are against him terrorists are about. Sort of like this:



Well, Neville could hook a brother up of course, but for the rest of us it’s a slightly sheepish skulk down to the local Ware-whare ‘y’know, just in case’. Watch out for those eight-year olds lads, they fight like tigers!

and finally, our funny from the Web…



15 Responses to “Fast Return – June 2007”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    What have you got against cross stitching Tennant? Some people just have no control…

  2. Foo Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t follow that one either…please explain! Must be having a stoopid day.

  3. Peter A Says:

    no, it was me havng a stoopid day, but it should have been obvious really(acolytes – the lot of you!!) T’was June 15th with an identical Saxon image that threw me. Have edited the article to cover my tracks now; moments from now people will read this thread and wonder what the hell we were on about all over again…

  4. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Well, to be fair, it would have been an accurate set up for the episode, much like one would find in something like the Radio Times, so it was fit for Lyons to post. You didn’t have to read it!

  5. Paul Scoones Says:

    I tend to agree with Thad on this one. I can appreciate the annoyance you must have felt Peter, but the date on the OG report is the same day the RT issue hit the news. So it was well and truly in the public domain at that time and any grumble might best be directed at the RT – and not for the first time this series! :)

  6. Alden Says:

    Perhaps the problem is more that the javascript which is supposed to hide the spoilers doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job! :)

  7. Peter A Says:

    Alden’s right, and as god is my witness I’ll cling to any liferaft I can at this stage (thanks mate!). But my initial peeve was, as I say in the original piece, the term “spoilerish”. Given that it set up the scenario for a story two weeks in advance of the Master’s emergence, there’s no “ish” about it.

    So two things really:

    1. Either the RT is getting really mercenary or the Beeb/RTD are putting the cart before the horse promotion-wise (as, arguably, they did with the Sec cover)

    2. I don’t really buy the “well it’s in the RT so it’s in the public domain” argument. Chiefly because I also don’t buy the RT, but it strikes me that in a usual situation that blurb would be behind a tag marked “spoiler” and not some wishy-washy “maybe, sort of, possibly not” term. Taxonomy’s a bitch, I should know, but I really do think that in this instance Shaun dropped the ball.

  8. Alden Says:

    I’d also like to point out that that news item says it was “Posted By Josiah Rowe”, so I think we should blame him for the wording rather than Shaun. :)

  9. Thad Ritchards Says:

    The current text is reading “and contains major plot spoilers in its summary for Last of the Time Lords, the final episode of Series Three. If you don’t mind being spoiled”

    Sounds like serious spoiler warnings to me. (No idea if it read like that before.)

  10. Peter A Says:

    I doubt it. That sort of warning would have stopped a bull elephant. Jono or Foo migh be able to confirm, as they did the same thing.

  11. Paul Scoones Says:

    Ah, now when I posted my comment above, I thought you were referring to an entirely different news item. You see when I clicked on your “this” link I got the news item about the two different RT covers (Master & Doctor) at the top of the page, and assumed that was the exposed spoiler you were referring to. Hence my point above about how if something’s been published for public consumption in the RT it’s fair game, etc.

    I realise now (I really must pay closer attention!) that you were actually referring to the news item from 15 June about the Last of the Time Lords programme synopsis. I read that item at the time and the hidden spoiler box was definitely present. I’m sure about this because I have a guilty confession to make.

    I saw that spoiler button, hesitated with with mouse finger trembling, and then in a rare moment of weakness I clicked on the button and read the spoiler. I wish I hadn’t, but I did. After I’d been so good all year avoiding spoilers, I fell off the wagon.

  12. Thad Ritchards Says:

    I think the moral to all this is: avoid OG! When I went there after S3 finished, I still came across lots of stuff that were (small) spoilers…and I read the damn things!
    Just say “don’t refresh”!

  13. Paul Scoones Says:

    I know, I know! I’m back on the 12-step program now… :)

  14. Jono Says:

    I went spoiler free for Episode 13 (except for the final scene… damn you Stuff, and such!), and had what I think was my first ever audible gasp during an episode, such was my surprise at a certain event… (and it wasn’t that a Scissor Sister song turned up!).

    I even try going spoiler free for all of Series 4 – a bold statement I know, but dammit, I’ll try!

  15. Foo Says:

    Well, there was a spoiler (sans tag) on OG a wee while back which said that John Simm was playing the Master. This was replaced within a day with a spoiler tag but I had already read it by that point. I’m not sure if it was the June 15 post – it may have been an earlier one. It was basically the first ‘official’ confirmation that Simm was playing the Master (as there had been much rumour/conjecture prior to this). It’s very tricky with this sort of thing when pages are edited retrospectively – it can make you feel like you are going crazy!

    Jono – I didn’t pick up on that song being a Scissor Sister song, but a review I read yesterday mentioned it to and I had to see which one. Interesting – you’re either a fan or can’t stand them…wonder if that is what put Adam off (among other things!)

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