It’s About Time!

linkseffectlogoAt long last, Freakytrigger’s Popular series chronicling the UK’s number one singles of the past fifty or so years reaches An Important Cultural Signifier For Our Generation.

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  1. Al Says:

    I recall being in a gym in the early ’80s (no need to go into the reasons here) and being intrigued to hear what was surely the Doctor Who theme coming from one of the ‘studios’. I pushed open the door to be confronted with the sight of legions of lycra and leg-warmer clad aerobics enthusiasts throwing regimented shapes and whooping to ‘Doctorin’ the TARDIS’.
    You don’t forget something like that…

  2. Peter A Says:

    No indeed Al… surely there would be only one reason you’d be in a gym though? Albeit one reason, repeated ten times, then rest and circulate, do another lap of reason, rest and rotate…

    The Freaky Trigger article and feedback is really interesting to me. I’d picked up on the Gaz Glitter nod of course, but as we never got early Harry Enfield here the “loadsamoney!” chant of the Daleks (so that’s what they were saying!) didn’t ping. And I was probably rather early myself in my musical education to pick up the ‘Blockbuster’ sirens. Thanks to Life on Mars and Hot Fuzz though – obligatory stuff :)

    Intriguing to compare this with their coverage of that other SF novelty UK number one Star Trekkin’. Clearly even in the dying days of the old show and maybe helped by the revival, there’s a lot of love for the Doctor yet.

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