Fast Return – May 2010 (and a little bit of June)

horsereturnHello! And isn’t it all getting exciting! Enthusiasm races around Zeus Blog Terraces like a bad case of wind as we hurtle through the netherdays of last month to bring you the usual flim-flam and pith. To whit:

Big Finish’s continued exploration of past possibilities. As Colin Baker’s Lost Stories wind to a close and the Hartnell/Toughton collection draws near, further casting for the Seventh Doctor ‘Lost Season’ is underway. And who’s this for Brig? Why, Battlefield‘s Angela ‘Bam-Bam-Bambera’ Bruce. Marvellous! This is a great nod to McCoy’s television tenure and adds a welcome latter days/New Adventures kick to Andrew Cartmel’s story-set in a way that having Nick Courtney or looking around for a newer Brig replacement simply couldn’t have achieved. Plus it’s audio, and it’s sad to note that if Bambera were to turn up on the telly now many new DW fans would likely only see her as a cheap Magambo substitute. Shame.

Elsewhere in Big Finish rumourland there’s the persisting vibe of Big Tom putting in an appearance in 2011, which is rather lovely, particularly as we’ve still got another Magrs-tastic multi-part BBC Audio for the Fourth Doctor to come later this year and to tide us over. Oh, and the latest Vortex magazine hints at BF doing a Sontaran story at long last. Seriously, how long has this taken? They’d better have Chris Ryan on speed-dial!

Michael Moorcock doing a DW novel? MICHAEL MOORCOCK

And it’s another hooray to the latest comeback boyo in Torchwood. Yes! Just when things were looking bleak post-CofE Stateside for the franchise, it seems that the team (well, Jack and Gwen) will be back in business, sans van, sans Hub, sans pterodactyl and coffee maker of course. Avec Amerkins though, possibly. Rusty maintains it’ll still be very ‘Welsh’. Sounds intriguing!

Talk of magazine rumblings. Torchwood Magazine folding – well, we weren’t buying it, so we can’t complain too loudly, plus there’s still a comic to come in its stead. But more dark mutterings on the subject of comics with the last tenth Doctor DWM reprint collection The Crimson Hand apparently cancelled, with possibly no further titles after that. Now that’s worrying.

Okay, it might be better news for previously-ailing Doctor Who Adventures who, if the Lead Adventure Forum are to be believed, are tapping into that tricky middle-aged-men-with-a-hobby market and their ‘free’ gift of models of the new humpitty Daleks on the cover of issue 170. Oh, if only they could be found here! Apparently the new Dalek design is so outlandish the usually rather rum cover giveaway toys are not only a pretty good likeness (fanta orange plastic and all), but they’re also now to scale with the 28mm models popping up all over!

The frankly titled Lennon Naked, starring the above and confirmed for the 23rd on the Beeb and likely screengrab-oriented websites mere hours later. Just sayin’.

And if it’s pretty pictures you’re in the mood for after that, then head straight over to Guanolad’s Domain, where another of TSV‘s former acolytes has sourced some great visual nods in the recent Vincent and the Doctor. Nice work, G!

8 Responses to “Fast Return – May 2010 (and a little bit of June)”

  1. Alden Says:

    Huh, Eccles as John Lennon? That I can’t visualise!

  2. Peter A Says:

    Ald, allow me to assist:

    I reckon Eccles looks not unlike McGann in the promo shot

    (yes yes I know his brother Mark also played Lennon…)

  3. Paul Scoones Says:

    I assume you’re talking about Paul Potiki there. Thought I ought to clarify that since the combination of ‘comic strip companion’ and ‘nice work, Paul’ in the same paragraph might have readers incorrectly assuming you’re referring to myself.

  4. Peter A Says:

    Not if you followed the link Paul (S)! :)

  5. Paul Scoones Says:

    I did follow the link before I posted. Where does Paul Potiki’s name appear on that page?

  6. Peter A Says:

    Yeah but neither does it feature-

    Never mind. Fixed.

  7. the_other_dave Says:


    Just clicked on the Judge Minty link on Paul (not Scoones’) website – that looks awesome!

    Speaking of nifty links do you ever think anyone would attempt B&W era Who minatures in the style of the Lead Adventure Forums Nosferatu?

    RE: Eccles looking like Paul (also not Scoones :) ) – I think it’s the wig, anyone looks like McGann with the wig…
    … was I the only one to go “Ee’s fallen in the water!” watching the trailer?

  8. Peter A Says:

    Judge Minty does indeed look extremely cool, and the employment of a previous 2000AD artist as a Dredd cameo is rather nice too. I’m quietly looking forward to this appearing, and reckon it’ll go down a storm in the fan community.

    (Sorry Dave I thought I’d forwarded you that link. They’re all over it on

    The Nosferatu playing board is also a thing of beauty, especially the clockwork sun and moon! Crooked Dice games are working on a generic cult TV game which allows for inclusions along the lines of Who, but that’s still not the same thing as the deliberate design aesthetic a lot of those other boards (Steampunk/Victoria SF, Gothic Horror, Lovecraft, Pulp) push on LAF. Trying to think what would be a cool B&W miniatures game for Who… Tenth Planet? Of course Babelcolour has ruined B&W ‘Invasion’ FOR EVER! :)

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