Spoiler-free Zone


Righto. It’s fingers in the ears time for Zeus Blog.

With Utopia broadcasting the first trailer for the final epic two-parter, we here at Zeus Blog are going spoiler-free, so don’t expect any mention of the final episodes for a while. There’ll still be blog posts but we’re resisting the temptation to read anything online about the episodes until we see them. It’s going to be tough - extreme measures have been put into place, including deleting bookmarks for news pages from our Favourites, and keeping well clear of every site except our own. Maybe it’ll be a piece of cake. If we don’t crumble that is…

Oh and steer clear of Outpost Gallifrey and its spoiler-tastic news page… The plot of Episode 13 is there for all to see (admittedly in a spoiler tag, and admittedly I opened it… the temptation was too great!).

See you in 3 weeks!


2 Responses to “Spoiler-free Zone”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Having just watched ep 11 I can see why you are now in the zone!

  2. Foo Says:

    Stay away from the OG news pages then…I mean, really, they should use spoiler tags there. I quickly shut my browser but it was too late. I guess I already had a fair idea of where things were going though. Must catch up…have only seen up to The Lazarus Experiment so far! Too many other shows to watch (and I call yourself a Who fan!)

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