The Final Foo


This old blog of mine is wearing thin, and so with days to spare and a heavy conscience, here are a few things that slipped through the cracks this year and didn’t make publication as promised. First up, a couple of bon mots from Foo Discovers. Chief among Foo’s puddings is his shot of a tube ad for Mark Wallinger’s celebrated mirror TARDIS, formally titled ‘Time and relative dimensions in space’ , late of the Venice Biennale, 2001.


Good god 2001 is a long time ago! Here’s a pic from the Independent showing the work in ‘action’. Phew.

Secondly, and more intimately, a flavour of home, abroad. Foo was ever a great attendee of the Wellington ‘Chapter’ (ho ho) pub meet at J.J.Murphy’s, and was a welcome presence in the snug. And so, as a gift to us all back home, he provided us a ppicture of what surroundings we could one day aspire to be seated in:





…Although something tells me membership may be a little select.

Foo also proved himself a right terrier with his search for the Truth about The Doctor. Although it seems he struck a bit of a blind alley with that famous family casping aspergers his way. Still, it was a stressful time and who knows what things grief will drive people to?


 Ooh! And how could I forget his discovery of Vwoorped’s twisted version of DWM‘s Deathworld? Well, clearly I did forget. Criminal of me, because it’s fantastic!

Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four, Page Five, Page Six, Page Seven and Page Eight

And on that high note, a big thanks from me to you Foo for providing the updates, the whimsy and the inside skinny on life in the UK!

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