12 Days of Christmas – Day 10


Yeth, it’th Chrithtmath!

We’re down to the third last day of our Christmas/RTD/Tennant countdown, and we have few questions remaining to cover the New Series past, present and future.

So, sir – anthwer thith!

Question 10: In the spirit of Pertwee, how do you think UNIT has fared in the New Series? Would you like to see them continue to be in the show – if so, in what form? Or do you prefer Torchwood?

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  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Will answer fully after a bit more thought – I just have to say though – absolutely positively the best banner yet.

  2. Al Says:

    Dave’s right – everyone should have one of those in the corner of their living room at Christmas time!
    I think UNIT have fared well in the new series, particularly in the Christmas Invasion and the Sontaran story. Competent, organised and presenting us with some memorable characters (bring back Sally!)
    They were also effective enough to (in my humble opinion) give Planet of the Dead the extra kick it needed.
    But most importantly, the new UNIT has a very catchy theme and it absolutely must continue, because we haven’t seen the Brig yet.

    Torchwood are all good and well – but apples and oranges, really. I know who I’d rather have deal with an alien encroachment!

  3. Thad Ritchards Says:

    To almost completely disagree with Al, I don’t think UNIT has been served well at all. Their first appearance (with, it must be said, great music) has them getting gassed in a room. Way to establish their credentials.

    In most cases they are mainly there as backdrop. In Planet of the Dead they are extremely ineffectual, and otherwise are ‘token military force with fanboy connotations’. The only decent story they’ve had was the Sontaran one which, it must be noted, wasn’t written by RTD.

    If Moff does recur them, hopefully will do with more kindness than his predecessor.

  4. the_other_dave Says:

    Hmmm, not sure about the shrubery at crotch level though…

    Anyway, UNIT – I’m firmly with Thad on this one. Don’t think they have come through particularly well. In fact nu-Who UNIT are pretty much what Torchwood was set up to be before it went all Amature Hour under Captain Jack. I can sum up my feellings to UNIT in two words – Osterhargen Device. The Brig would spin his grave if he knew that is what the new team were getting up to. Amoral double hard basterds look good on paper but it goes so contrary to the old UNIT family model (which was taken up incestuously by Jack’s Torchwood) that I really don’t see the point anymore.

    I feel Martha’s character was hugely devalued by her association with them, they were complicit (albiet unwillingly) in the whole Children of Earth affair, and they may as well be Torchwood Prime, C19, or any other mysterious shadowy paramilitary group. From trailers it looks like the CoE Unit Commander will appear again whcih may help bring some character and continuity back to the organisation, but if it’s not going to play a positive role in the series, then why continue?

  5. Foo Says:

    That looks like Colin Baker’s shrubbery.

  6. Peter A Says:

    That might account for Jon’s expression Foo – but as Tim could tell us, it’s a Yeti!

    As for UNIT I’m taking a stand on this here fence. A terrible introduction in Farts at Number 10 or what have you (the fact that one of the otherwise anonymous personnel seems to be billed as [Muriel] Frost annoys me the most), but by The Sontaran Stratagem they were actually quite decent, and Colonel Mace is rather fun.

    Dave’s point about Martha’s an interesting one, and yes – the Osterhagen Key is a particular point of contention. But I’d have new UNIT back, and suspect that under new management we may be more likely to see them than Rusty’s progeny.

    And Al’s bang on – no Brig is a national disgrace. Moff had better put him in before we’re forced to ring in Richard Franklin at the last minute!

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