12 Days of Christmas – Day 7


Happy Monday! And here we are again to count down the last days of the RTD ERa. The questions have been a little more convoluted recently, so let’s cool things down a little with a more straightforward question. As before, we’ll be looking forward now as well as around wit the new series. So here goes:

Question 7: What’s your favourite new series monster, returning old series monster – and which monster of the past five years would you be happy to see return in the years to come?

That last bit’s open of course, for anyone who’d like to put Ice Warirors in and get it out of the way!

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  1. Al Says:

    Peter, these banners deserve to be copiled into a book and published…

    Favourite new series monster – the Moff has always given his monsters an extra hook, or catchphrase which keeps them in our minds when the more obviously horrific, or flatulent have long since faded. So for me, it’s the Weeping Angels, just narrowly beating the ‘Gas mask zombies’.

    Returning old series monster – Sontar-Ha!
    Athough the daleks are generally treated so well that it’s a close call.

    Returning new monster – The space pig! Actually, how about the cat people from the new new earth stories. Not monsters as such, but lots more potential to be had.

  2. Timb Says:

    I wanna see some Yeti :)

  3. the_other_dave Says:

    Favourite New Series Monster – hmmm, there are quite a lot of good takers there. Even the Ood seem to improve with a repeat performance. I suspect I’d have to plumb for the Weeping Angels, but I’m not sure I’d want to see too much of them again – part of the joy was that they were unique and new.

    Favourite Returning Monster – Does the Jacobi Master count? No? Hmm, I don’t think many of the old series foes have done that well out of new appearances. Autons are a voiceless glyph, Daleks (post Parting anyway) are just lackeys or more powerful Emperor/Supreme/Sec/Davros type. Cybermen were a bit ho-hum retconned, and Short Sontarans just seem a bit silly.

    I guess it would have to be The Dalek (Singular) out of Dalek, but in that case is (s)he a villain like the Master rather than a monster race?

    As for who to come back – Ice Warriors might be interesting, but really keep the new and interesting coming. Surprise us like you’ve been doing for a while.

  4. Alden Says:

    Fave new series monster: the Ood, purely for the look.
    Fave returning monster: the CGI Macra!

    They can bring back the Ood all they like AFAIC :)

  5. Peter A Says:

    Right, I’ll chime in then:

    Favourite new series monster is the Ood – I really like how their story has been added to with each appearance. They look fantastic and alien, and they ARE the Tenth Doctor’s era, in a way. Would I have them back for the Moffat stories? Not sure. We’ll see after New Year’s I guess.

    Favourite returning monster. Hmmm. I think I’d go with the Daleks. NOt favourite though, just least irked by!

    Who would I like to see in the new series? I won’t bore everyone with the predictable! But yeah – Ice Warriors. And another crack at the Cybermen that doesn’t involve void stuff (surely all that’s needed is a trip back in time?)

  6. Foo Says:

    Fav new series – yep, the Ood. I also like the IDEA of the Krillitane but they just looked too CGI to pull it off. I think what interested me the most was that they absorb whatever they take over, and therefore could potentially be the perfect ‘evolving’ monster – just ripe for a return.

    I’d also like to see the Ice Warriors or the Silurians return. Or the Krotons (that one was for Jamas).

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