12 Days of Christmas – Day 6


We’re halfway there – and up to date after a weekend calendar re-set!

So then, closing the first six days and with Sylvester the Seventh as our guest pic, a fitting question:

Question 6: What’s your favourite story arc of the New Series?
And further: should such story arcs remain an element of the new series?

That’ll do. Expect to see more ‘looking forward while looking around’ questions from tomorrow on!

9 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas – Day 6”

  1. Alden Says:

    The ninth Doctor slowly regaining his faith in humanity. I’m sure future Who will keep doing story arcs, and that’s OK by me. :)

  2. Al Says:

    Nice one!
    I’m going to go for the tenth Doctor’s hand, from serving as Jack’s Doctor detector, to being instrumental in turning the Doctor into Tweety Pie, then going all frothy in the proximity of Ms G Moffet, and finally growing a new Doctor – it’s certainly worked for it’s keep!

  3. the_other_dave Says:

    Hmmm, now are we talking the overt Bad Wolf/Torchwood/Saxon/”Summat on your back” arcs, or the more subtle thematic arcs as Alden has noted (I’ve already covered my take on what season one Really means many RTPS ago).

    Sooo, my pick for favourite is the one I don’t think has been revealed yet…

    What is THE DARKNESS?

    Mentioned by Gweneth and the Dalek in reference to Rose I thought originally it might have been something to do with Bad Wolf, but as there were a few more references over time (“something moving in the Dark” on Torchwood, I became less sure. The Toclafane witter on about the coming Darkness (at the end of the Universe?), and in Turn Left _A_ Rose tells Donna that the Darkness is comming (though as noted peviously that Darkness couldn’t have been Davros in a universe were there no Doctor to send Caan back to save him)

    and now the Darkness heralds the end of time.

    now wether this actually means there will be a decent payoff has yet to be seen, and as for the furture, well, if we can have a story arc as successfully “whimey” as (say) Blink, why not?

  4. Foo Says:

    Ooooh, Dave, that sends shivers down my spine. If that is the case it is very clever indeed.

    The problem is that ‘the Darkness’ is significantly vague to mean Bad Wolf in Series One, The Master in Series Three, and the effects of the Reality Bomb in Series Four.

    I guess this is the more subtle linking that I was after in my post for Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas. Only a couple of days until we find out if we get the pay off we deserve.

  5. Foo Says:

    Oh, I didn’t answer the question. My favourite story arc would have to be Bad Wolf and I really thought they over egged the Christmas Pudding with Torchwood.

    And yes, they should keep these arcs in future episodes but try and go a little more subtle.

  6. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Would go for Saxon as the only arc that remained somewhat subtle then had an actual decent payoff.

    As for The Darkness, there are many different shades of Darkness. Although it would be nice to think there was a decent explanation for some ultimate Darkness to come, I’m not holding out any hope after Torchwood bombed it (first it was Abaddon in End of Days, then a bad CGI skeleton in A Day in the Death. Next up, out of the darkness, will be someone going “Ooohhh… look at me. I’m so camp and ever so evil.” Yes, it will be Julian Cleary…)

  7. the_other_dave Says:


    I could proclaim that Shadows are a type of Darkness too…

    or maybe it’s just a Glam Rock cameo…?

  8. Peter A Says:

    Esily confused Dave, but allow me to illustrate:


    Latter (just in time for Christmas):

  9. Peter A Says:

    Oh, and favourite Arc is the Saxon one, for similar reasons to Jamas – it’s the more subtle (though I preferred the conclusion to the Torchwood arc).

    I hadn’t considered Alden’s interpretation though, and if I went along those lines by far my favourite arc is a character one – how Mickey Smith found his mojo. From silly boyfriend and rejection by the Ninth Doctor to acceptance by the new Doctor (nice touch Russel!), to tin dog to preacher. He ought to have goe to Torchwood after that, but it’s looking unlikely now, and at least this way his story has ebnded on a high, on his terms.

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