Wellington Doctor Who pub meet 20/5/2007

Our meeting on the Sunday was attended by six on a windy Wellington evening with special guest star JP – no, not Jono nor Jacqueline Pierce but Jon Preddle. With all of us crammed into the snuggest snug of all, it was a little tight, but we managed, just.

 Our conversation dallied over many topics including: 

  • Lost, Heroes, The Sopranos as well as focussing on the new Who series
  • The template that the new series seems to take and what we can perhaps expect next year
  • The way the new series is planned out compared to how the classic series was done (paint by numbers versus inviting submissions and picking the best ones)
  • The New Beginnings DVD release incl. commentaries
  • A reassessment of Matthew Waterhouse’s acting abilities!
  • Torchwood
  • Who the next Doctor might be…
  • Big Finish’s Doctor Who audios
  • The next TSV and David’s EDA article
  • A quick whip around of desired DVD releases:
    • Image of the Fendahl
    • The Silurians
    • Time and the Rani
    • The Krotons
    • The Happiness Patrol
    • Anything first or second Doctor that has been cleaned and Vidfired
    • A yearning for good looking Pertwee stories with better video quality wise then the early to mid nineties video releases.

  • Our Torchwood discussion focussed on the fact that David Lawrence‘s favourite episodes was Out of Time and this seemed to be a popular episode all round. There were queries as to what is the point of Torchwood, the unevenness of the plot, the role of Jack as a Doctor figure as opposed to the comic hero (though admittedly Torchwood Series One is post his resurrection so this can be explained). Overall the feeling is that Torchwood was a little disappointing, but there is hope that the second series is going to be a lot better, especially with the later starting date (meaning more time to get it right).

  • Who would be the next Doctor after Tennant – following the idea that The Second Coming was an audition for Christopher Eccleston, Casanova was Tennants’ and The Unquiet Dead was Eve Myles’ for Torchwood, where could we expect the next Doctor to come from? Perhaps a guest star in Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures or even Who itself will be number Eleven.

  • Jon expressed relief that he didn’t have to pick as many holes (continuity errors or just goofs) in series 3 as he wasn’t writing for the Telos third series book. A definite case of enjoy the episodes first, analyse them second.
  • Jon also tried to make us do a drabble on the spot – you can lead horses to water but we didn’t seem thirsty and politely declined…maybe next time Jon!

  • The increasing number of Doctor Who audios that are sitting on shelves not being listened to, probably due to the inundation of the new material at the moment. This led us to discuss the fact that the Big Finish audios may not be doing so well since Who has been back on our screens, as people can get their fix for free rather then paying for audio consumption. By all accounts Jon seemed to enjoy The Companion Chronicles, specifically – The Blue Tooth and The Beautiful People – with The Beautiful People sounding like it had a lot of in-jokes and a Douglas Adams sort of humour.

  • The next part of David Lawrence’s BBC EDA book article is being worked on although he is having trouble locating Time Zero. If anyone can find this, I’m sure he’d be appreciative. It was noted that it’s always the same books that seem to come up regularly on second-hand book shelves. SFX magazine is currently selling their magazines with free Doctor Who ‘Target’ novels (in reality BBC PDAs) as freebies – obviously there’s a fair bit of PDA stock floating around out there!

  • With David Lawrence in attendance we talked about his upcoming King Lear production which almost clashes with the other King Lear production (which has a certain Who actor as well as some Wizard from LOTR).

  • David and Jon explained away Tim’s question re: the Macra in Gridlock. Tim had wondered why the Doctor didn’t deal to them. It seemed that it was implied that they would either die out due to the lack of polluting fumes or the New Earth population would deal with them themselves. I guess the Macra could make a nice snack for hungry New Earthers (although polluted crab meat is probably highly carcinogenic).

All in all, a great meeting and we managed to get five food orders on a small table, balance all the plates, eat our meals and talk. And they say guys can’t multi task!!


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  1. Peter A Says:


    Wish I could have been there, but I was finishing Cydonia for RTP :)

    Did anyone go to Simon G’s emergency dinner party one on Friday night?

  2. Timb Says:

    Who’s Simon G? ;)

    Great report Foo!

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