12 days of Christmas – Day 4


Chris miss cracker? Not on our watch! So here we are on Day Four of our excursion into Time Lords past, and some pertinent questions of the RTD Era. In this installment:

Question 4: What for you is the best new addition to the series mythology?

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  1. Peter A Says:


    And I’ll say simply: No More Time Lords. Survivor angst expressed the Doctor’s isolation so much better than the later ‘lonely angel’ thing whihc always struck me as a bit… emo.

    That said, the angst itself could never last…

  2. Al Says:

    You’ve nicked mine again, Peter!
    OK, if I can’t have the ‘last of the time lords’ angle I’ll go for the psychic paper (admirably fulfilling it’s purpose of reducing the ‘who are you – lock them up’, routines and allowing us to get on with the story).
    Also: the ‘fob watch gubbins’, purely for allowing us to have Jacobi and his brilliant performance(s) in Utopia.

    And that banner’s a cracker…

  3. the_other_dave Says:


    Ok, how about open season on causality – the wibbly wobbly timey whimey. While I don’t think they have dealt with it very well in most cases, it is nice to see a time travel series that actually now has the occasional paradox story (Father’s Day, Blink & Turn Left deal with time pretty well).

    Like the banner too…

  4. Alden Says:

    I’m going to say the Impossible Planet time period, just because I really like the design aesthetic, and the semi-realistic view of humans wandering around the galaxy like idiots, which is totally what would happen.

  5. Foo Says:

    Damn, you guys are all coming up with the answers I would give e.g. the no Time Lords / no rules or the inclusion of time paradoxes. Is the reason that time paradox stories now occur due to the fact that there are no Time Lords?

    Hmmm, one thing I do like is the attempt of linking between stories ala Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Saxon, bees…wait, hear me out! I think it was done rather poorly all things considered, but I admire them for trying something new (idea better than the execution). What I would like to see is linking in this way but in a more subtle manner so that we don’t realise the importance until much later on. I wonder if they will have something like this next year? Maybe some unanswered threads left dangling, to be resolved when we least expect it.

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