Back Into The Fold

Even though the paper version of Zeus Plug has gone the way of Dodo, we’re happy to say that Zeus Blog continues the tradition of a neatly folded read.

Now, thanks to the technical abilities of Mr Enright, some of our longer articles (such as Battle of the Seasons) will be ‘folded’, thus giving the spindle wheel on your mouse a bit of a break.

Zeus Blog – bringing you nice long articles (but not too long).

5 Responses to “Back Into The Fold”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Well, Master Bates, to be more honest.

    And, more to the point, hopefully certain spoiler-potential items might be tucked away from unsuspecting eyes…?

  2. parkypants Says:

    Never! We’re spoiler-tastic!

  3. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Come on, we all know you’re sitting on news of the Master’s return! Out with it, man!

  4. Peter A Says:

    Just as soon as we can work out how to put staples in this baby.

  5. PhilGray Says:

    Keep up the great work dears, we appreciate all your efforts.

    Could the person now calling himself ‘Jono’ please email me? I think he may be related in some way to someone I used to know, called ‘Jonathan Park’ (and no, I’m not referring to the international radio serial. Don’t believe me? Try google!)


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