A Scottish Tale



Cardiff seems to get its fair share of Doctor Who mania, but little do we realise that Scotland echoes with the spirit of Who too.

During a recent trip up to the far North, I began to realise that the removal of Police Boxes from the British Isles hadn’t quite made it to Scotland.

First up:

The shop window of what appeared to be the only Sci-Fi store in Inverness.


Very nice! In my day, all we had were the little Dalek cut-outs from the ’25 Years of Target’ celebration.

After taking a scenic trip back from Inverness to Edinburgh and not a Skarasen to be seen – unless this counts

NessieWe took a guided tour around Edinburgh and it was here that we spotted our first TARDIS!


PoliceBoxInfoHmmm, it’s not quite right – just needs a couple more tweaks of the ol’ Chameleon.

After departing Edinburgh, it was off to Glasgow. Just don’t get into any discussions with ANYONE about football – and never respond when asked “What foot do you kick with?”

Glasgow managed to almost get it right:


I think red beats pink any day of the week, but blue is still my favourite.

Finally, on our last day, we spotted one in the wild AND the right species too:


I also managed to catch the Who exhibition being held in town – but it seemed to be a little bit of a repeat of the previous Earl’s Court exhibition. Oh well, still fun :-)


3 Responses to “A Scottish Tale”

  1. Timb Says:

    I love the way you built this up Foo.

    The anticipation! The drama! The final revelation!!

  2. the_other_dave Says:

    Let’s not forget Scotlands greatest Doctor Who fans:


  3. Foo Says:

    What, only 2 comments! Bah, what does a man have to do to get more views? Mention tea bagging?

    Thanks Timb, I do try and keep people interested in my mildly interesting ravings.

    Dave – I loved the sock puppets.

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