7 more things to notice about the new trailer…


WordPress is in full-on hate mode right now, so no images. But here are the descriptions and questions, so chances are they may play out better in your head anyway :)

1. Re: Girl and balloon

I’m saying this is probably Aphasia – a significant character from the novel of Human Nature. The balloon has very definitely a part to play as well >:)

2. Re: Keys around necks

I’ll stick out mine and say they’re TARDIS keys. is there anything more to comment no other than the Doctor may have anticipated the three of them to be separated at some stage?

3. Re: Saxon’s other ring

Check out also the gold band around Saxon’s left hand. Is there a Mrs Saxon? Maybe Brad is right – and Aaronn! Perhaps Kate O’Mara’s at home right now, cooking up a casserole for her man about the House?

Or is it Martha?

You didn’t mention the ’sound of drums’ theselves Jono. It looks like folk have been quick to declare that the rhythm is that of the series title music (as also lampooned in the Doctor Who Night Pitch of Fear skit. But maybe it’s just a martial (or execution?) drum beat and we’re hearing patterns that aren’t there? The best theory I’ve read to come out of that is that the ‘dat-dat dat-dat’ rhythm of both relates to a double heartbeat. I like it! Even moreso than (was it Lance Parkin’s?) the suggestion that the ‘wwoooeeooooo’ of the title music is the sound of the Vortex opening up.

Whatever, it’s a bloody sinister image. Simm just looks for all the world like Evil, biding its time…

4. The upstairs room blowing up

It’s the modern day! Is it the Doctor or Jack in the foreground? Is it Martha’s family home blowing up? Of note though is the taxi – the self same one as seen in The Runaway Bride and Rose!

5. The Doctor’s dressing gown

 Not the same kit as in The Christmas Invasion, but rather like Clark Kent’s signature colour clothing in Smallville (the clothes are always a combination of blue or red, no matter what), the colour scheme in brown ‘overcoat’ and blue ‘shirt’ underneath is reassuringly that of ‘our’ Doctor – even if, like Superman in the chief inspiration for Human Nature, Superman II, he’s not quite himself.

6. Derek Jacobi’s choice of telly

Is lovely and retro, reminiscent of The Idiot’s Lantern (is it a Magpie model?) and… the TV Movie TARDIS scanner!

7. The Doctor’s bright eyes (burning like fire)

There’s not much I can add to this – it’s an arresting image and brings to mind Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart video, but I’m sure RTD has his heart in the right place. So, is the Doctor possessed, or is it time energy leaking out again? Or are his contacts really starting to get to him?


2 Responses to “7 more things to notice about the new trailer…”

  1. Alden Says:

    “But maybe it’s just a martial (or execution?) drum beat and we’re hearing patterns that aren’t there?”

    I think the fact that the trailer is edited so that the beats match up with the beats in the theme tune isn’t helping. :)

  2. Peter A Says:

    Well I think the heartbeats theory is way overblown – fanboys writing the story in advance of the actual events (and we know now how happily that plays out!)

    I’m with the drums thing. But I think also that Drums Of War is a figurative title…

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