Fast Return – October 2009


Happy halloween everybody (you do know we should be observing this in April, don’t you?) What an October we’ve had – like none other. For those seeking spoiler images they’re out there and not hard to find. We could cover them here, but we won’t instead, here’s a quick round-up of the infernal webs for the past month:

Here Come the Waterworks:
How the Tenth Doctor might kark it (apologies for the lack of credit – finding this has been a nightmare)

Speaking of Water…
We have a date for “contacting friends in the UK for off-air video copies of Waters of Mars” – the 15th of November. Shame it couldn’t be tonight being Halloween (see above), but it’s not a big shame, especially when it sounds like the story itself might be a right cracker.  Advance word from Off The Telly’s Graham Kibble-White says it’s good: ‘One of the best Doctor Who stories yet. Easily the most challenging.’ (minor spoilers for the spoiler-wary)

Speaking of Reviews
You know, this probably isn’t the place to be going on about print news media and their issues and dramas.  But Planet Clifton is a strange and interesting place, isn’t it? By which I mean the place where Dom Post/Stuff TV reviewer Jane Clifton presumably lives. She dun’t like Dr Who and says it’s going bad! Now she thinks David Tennant is the best yet! of course reviewers don’t have to have fixed opinions on anything, and if fandom wants to hang onto every word whether chill or ill then that’s fandom’s business. But what are we to make of the times when Planet Clifton’s influence extends to other spheres, such as the Business pages and columnist Nick Smith (not that one, the other one) starts going on about The Bees? If that’s not the weirdest intro to an otherwise innocuous agricutural article then I don’t know what is.

Speaking of Bees
Still on bees, or hornets at least, Go Tom! Hornet’s Nest: The Stuff of Nightmares and its two follow-ups have now been released and so far the story’s a good ‘un! A little unorthodox in its telling, but it’s Tom don’t you know, so if anyone can get away with ‘unorthodox’, it’s him. Oh, and if you simply can’t wait for the edited highlights, it’s been added to the recently-revived Disc-Continuity Guide.

Speaking of Classic Revivals
October was also Stocktoberfest, with the comic strip Doctor’s favourite overexposed English Village of Stockbridge being a teeny tiny feature of the new RTP! Cheap news, I suppose, but honestly, the issue was a wee pearl and it’s a shame local fandom doesn’t support it more. Oh, and Big Finish went there and all with part one of their Stockbridge trilogy being released this month too. Bit of a parson’s egg, apparently.

And finally…

Speaking of the Classics
It’s last calls for a YouTube inclusion and we could add a few, but we’re saving them for another time. Instead, here’s a little ditty that I know Al will just love.

And that’s October! Easy peasy. Happy weekend everyone, see you again soon!

6 Responses to “Fast Return – October 2009”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Hullo, that must be the fastest fast return ever.

    Great to see the DCG updated again! Full marks to… um… Alden, Jon, and, er, Jeff, apparently. Now where are my special brain scissors…?

  2. Peter A Says:

    Hey, Alden deserves some credit at least – he put it up and is hosting it, so fair dos!

  3. Al Says:

    Just love? Just love!? JUST LOVE!!?
    Thanks Peter, that ‘ditty’ was just as good as I remember it being on the BF audio – but Maggie Stables certainly looks younger than I pictured.

    And now that you’ve mixed and matched the faces of a large number of major characters in one foul swap of photoshop-lifting, can I dare to hope that we’ve seen the last of this disturbing art form?
    There must be more girly pictures out there, surely?

    But seriously, great work with the DCG update – and the best map of an imaginary english village ever!

  4. Jono Says:

    URGH! Davison with Hurndell’s face has to be the most unsettling thing I’ve seen in a long time!

  5. Peter A Says:

    Sladen with Baker’s face isn’t?

  6. Foo Says:

    Faces give me bad dreams.

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