Logo Poll Is?


OK… so here it is. The branding spanking lens-flared metally shiny timey whimey 2010 logo for the new series.

Your thoughts, your comments welcome as ever.


16 Responses to “Logo Poll Is?”

  1. Peter A Says:

    … huh.

  2. rtpeditor Says:

    Gordon Bennett!

  3. Peter A Says:

    It looks like the old DWB/Dreamwatch magazine logo!

  4. Jono Says:

    Me rikey. Love the DW motif, and the colours in general.

    Just not sure about the slightly clunky serifs on the side of the W and H though.

    But yes… a medium thumbs up from me.

  5. rtpeditor Says:

    Modern riff on the Hartnell logo?

  6. Jono Says:

    Just what I was thinking.


  7. Al Says:

    I don’t love it at first sight – but possibly more than I did the last one.
    Some of it shows promise – I really like the ‘R’ and , like Jono, the colours.
    Really dislike the ‘TARDIS-DW’ – I want to see the logo in isolation. Presumably, for the same reason that the last one was so e-l-o-n-g-a-t-e-d this extraneous shape is to help fill up a widescreen telly.
    Why not just expand the ‘Doctor Who’ a little?
    Ummm, next?

  8. the_other_dave Says:

    Ummm, errrr, urrrghhh.

    It doesn’t look that great with the blocky tardis bit next it. Hmmm, I reserve judgement till I can see it in some other form of context. I don’t mind the gothic feel, it’s just a bit oblong….


  9. Foo Says:

    Hmmm. I think I like it more than the previous one. Maybe I expected more?

    Actually, it’s not too bad, but not sure abut the DW either.

  10. Jono Says:

    I would hope that the DW logo would only be used for marketing and merchandise rather than as part of the main show logo in the title sequence. It seems perfect for that use from a ‘cool’ perspective.

    Gotta be down with the text-savvy kids!

  11. Peter A Says:

    I agree that the TARDIS logo thingy is ripe for book and DVD spines (here we go again with another rebrand of old series releases? whimper). We’ll see about the rest.

    Colour is welcome, it’s very ‘chunky’. I still don’t know… commentators on Behind the Sofa are calling it ‘self-aware’, and I can see what they’re getting at, I think.

    I really didn’t like the Ecclestone/Tennant one though, so change is good in itself.

  12. Paul Scoones Says:

    First reaction (yes, I’ve only just seen it)… not overly impressed. I don’t see it as much of an improvement on the taxicab-style logo, and I don’t see the point of having the TARDIS-shaped initials alongside the full wording.. unless as suggested above we’re actually looking at two logos alongside each other that will actually appear in different places (such as front covers and spines). The lens flare is a bit over the top though. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

  13. Al Says:

    Yes, lets hope we’re looking at two variations, or applications here – in which case I feel a little more heartened.
    What I’m really hoping is that this new logo can be better integrated into the title sequence – something which the last one never really was, as much as I liked the sequence itself.
    So, presumably this means a new title sequence as well..?

  14. Foo Says:

    Yep, I have a feeling that we are seeing two logos next to each other.

    Hmmm new title sequence as well? Gee Al, that would be another thing that’s changing…oh wait, you’re probably right :-)

  15. Foo Says:

    It looks like the logo is not the only thing that is changing either…take a look at this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8295718.stm

  16. Paul Scoones Says:

    According to the BBC, we’re looking at two separate elements. The ‘Doctor Who’ part is referred to as the “logo” and the ‘DW’ TARDIS shape as the “insignia”. Which implies that they will most likely be utilised in separate places on merchandise rather than one combined image.

    Just to confuse matters, the BBC has also put up another graphic on their website in which the ‘Doctor Who’ lettering appears as one horizontal line with the ‘DW’ sandwiched between the two words.

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