Our Man in Cymru makes an exhibition of himself


He’s back! And this time he’s indoors!

Jono is at the Cardiff Exhibition (although it’s not always Jono, as you’ll see). Witness the spectacle of a man excitedly opening a door! Gas mask! Beetle! Observe a carefully reconstructed tableau of the Daleks and Terry Nation (I think)! And finally… the bracing splendour of Bad Wolf Bay. Or it might be Cromer.

And once again, an extra taster among the photos here to keep you on your toes… 

tardoor inside k9
beetle gas daleks
sign beach  



2 Responses to “Our Man in Cymru makes an exhibition of himself”

  1. Foo Says:

    Wow, that is so cool – a makeshift memorial of a piece of paper. I bet Ianto feels honoured!

  2. Jono Says:

    Just wait….

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