Our Man in Cymru – On Location


Here at Zeus Blog Terraces we may have gone all self-indulgent and DWM-ish on our fanzine pasts of late, but the rest of us have not been idle. Jono for one has been putting his nose to the grindstone on a holiday-filled fact-finding mission deep in the valleys of Davies. He took photos, and here they are.

In This Episode: Jono finds some locations. See if you can identify them!

Did you get them all? We’ll be returning to one or two (one in particular) in our next installment of Postcard from the UK…


badwolf estate bospherus
henricks play set
memorial tower  

5 Responses to “Our Man in Cymru – On Location”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    I think the picture links are sodded. Are they supposed to link to larger versions? I’m only seeing links to bospherus and play…

  2. Peter A Says:

    God only knows what WordPress thinks it’s doing. My wife fixed it, anyway.

  3. Jono Says:

    Apologies for photo 5 – it’s the only time I’ve gone all ‘pretend’ ever… Still, nice idea at the time!

    Number 6 was the base of operations for filming the weekend we were there. Main filming was done just down the road at an old antiques shop – lots of info on this on the Gallifrey Base forums location thread.

    Oh and are there 2 Rs in Cymru?

  4. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Oh, right. I got some of them.

  5. Peter A Says:

    @ Jono – no, no there aren’t.

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