Fast Return – August 2009

meddlehartOkay everyone, we’re over halfway through the year with little to show for it but a polka dot tie and a Song, but let’s look on the bright side…

Ooh! Zeus Blog exclusive! Wellingtown readers and those with capital connections might want to familiarise their phalanges with the Dom Post’s TV Week supplement for the 8th of September. Inside is a two-page spread on the good Doctor (and the current incarnation as well), written, laid-out, feem toon written and sung and everything by Local Fandom’s Own Alistair Hughes. Well done, that man!

Just in time for Christmas comes out the new Tenth Doctor Who Role-Playing Game which we’re eager to see, but before we dust off our pencils and pads and GM shields here’s an overture in the form of a solo game in which YOU play THE DOCTOR, et cetera. We haven’t played it yet, but it might be worth a look now that the new series has made the sonic screwdriver so gosh-darnedly USEFUL for every sort of problem you might face.

Reverse The Polarity! Issue 28 is in the can and about to hit a letterbox near you (if you’re a subscriber). Being a loosely comics-themed issue look out for it and find out what one-time TSV artist Paul Potiki is up to these days, among a lot of other stuff we expect the RTP blog will be filling us in on any day now. Issue 29 is due out around the end of 2009 and will look at the aforementioned DWRPG in a larger games-themed focus.

People said that nothing would happen this year with Doctor Who reduced to a few burps before a Christmas/New Year/whenever send-off, but they were wrong! We’ve not only seen the world of Torchwoodiness ripped asunder, but just as he did in 1997 and 1993 before that, Tom ‘badgers’ Baker has returned to the show! So there’s a fair amount of anticipation from those who like that sort of thing for forthcoming BBC Audio series The Hornet’s Nest. Tom was rather looking forward to it too, as he intoned to DWM, especially as he’d be reunited with old co-star Nick Courtney. Except that, unfortunately The Brig had to cancel due to ill health. Nevertofear – Mike Yates is here! Cue reaction from Tom, succinctly illustrated by Tachyon TV:

Oh well. We suppose they’ll have plenty of time to be introduced.

And all the best for a speedy recovery, Brigadier.

Be sure to check out Tachyon TV’s ess-clusive line of DW-themed merchandise. We don’t understand all the gags, but we do very much like the t-shirt with Owen’s smooth chat-up line from Countrycide on it. If only we could find the right social engagement to wear it to…

Is the Doctor already turning into Mr Popplewick?


2 Responses to “Fast Return – August 2009”

  1. Al Says:

    Aghhh, my eyes…
    What a diabolical thing to do, giving all three of them Purves’ features (the face of Steven?)

    But thanks for the TV Week plug. I should also mention, in a fortuitous example of bottom-about-facedness, the Editor has also requested a Who cover to go with the article (it’s usually the other way around)
    So that’s 3 whole pages of Who goodness in next Tuesday’s Dom, folks!

  2. Paul Scoones Says:

    Excellent news about the forthcoming Dom Post piece, Al! I shall have to attempt to track down a copy of that day’s paper.

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