9 Things about the New Trailer

It’s just over a minute long, but there’s loads to take in during the latest trailer, previewing the last 7 episodes of Series 3. Here’s a few notes that we’ve come up with:


FROM: Most likely, given the timeframe, Human Nature / The Family of Blood

Cool! World War One action! Having been down the WWII road in Series 1, it looks like we’re in for barbed wire, trenches and gunfire aplenty.


FROM: Either Human Nature / Family of Blood or Blink

The rumour going around that Blink is shot from the point of view of the monster leads us to think that this might be from that episode. Who’s the girl, and is the balloon significant (let’s face it, probably not!)?


FROM: No idea…

BUT we do love this shot and the preceding shot of the Doctor as the colour grading is really cool, making the scene look very filmic. Nice work!


FROM: Utopia (?)

The ending of Torchwood made out like the TARDIS had landed inside the Hub, but given that RTD says that Jack has the best entrance ever of a companion, perhaps it instead lands upstairs, and Jack has to do a flying leap to catch it? This seems even more likely given that the TARDIS sound effect runs over this scene.


FROM: No idea

This season’s ‘Emergency Protocol’-hologram scene?


FROM: Human Nature / The Family of Blood

Surely the oddest-looking villain for a while. We love the way he says ‘RUUUUUUUN’. Sea-horse powered guns though?


FROM: Final episode?

Action shot – what are the keys around their necks for?


FROM: ???

Forum speculation already has this being the reforming of Gallifrey, though we doubt it (even if that’s one of our predictions for the year). Whatever is out there has some shape – a piece of machinery perhaps? What we want to know is… where’s Martha in all of this? Pete’s convinced that Martha and the Doctor get separated before the season is out. Will we have a companion-less finale?


FROM: The Sound of Drums

The coolest image from the trailer, bar none. There’s at least two dead (or drugged) people in the room, with Mr Saxon breathing through a gas mask. It’s the same room as in Aliens of London (the Cabinet Room), so we presume that this is Downing St. Check out the ring as well – the same markings that were present in The Lazarus Experiment, and which bear some resemblance to…


Thanks to Freema Agyeman’s fansite for the screen caps above

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  1. Alden Says:

    An awful lot of these turned out to be from Human Nature/Family of Blood (I guess they’d gotten the special effects done… :) Only three left from episodes which haven’t screened…

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