Dalek, I don’t love you no more

Daleks in Manhattan logo

There was a time when the Dalek stories were the ones to look out for each season, especially during the new series. Their appearances in Dalek, and the two series finales have been must-sees. As such, it was surprising to watch the first part of this season’s Dalek story and not feel anything. Where’s my Dalek love gone?

To sum everything up (there’s already been more than enough written about this episode), visually it’s very impressive (1930s New York looks stunning – it’s as though The Mill have nicked a few gigabytes worth of WETA material left over from King Kong), but the episode (and the main villains for that matter) does seem a little… well… by-the-numbers.

It’s fine and all, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that special about the episode. We’re treated to a song and dance number sure, but that could quite easily have been dropped. The hybrid storyline is interesting, but am I the only one who found the ‘walking out of the Dalek casing’ to be a bit naff?

It already feels like DiM is going to be one of the lesser-remembered episodes of Series 3, and we’re only halfway through. My thought – give the Daleks a rest for a few years and then bring them back as the truly evil little bastards that we know and love, with an master plan that doesn’t involve property construction.

Oh and the accent isn’t that bad.


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