Coming (not) soon (enough!)


I love a good tease!

The latest Coming Soon trailer is a doozy – action, explosions, Jumping Jack, Derek Jacobi, burning eyes, scarecrows and perhaps most importantly a real indication that the second half of this season is going to be darker than anything we’ve seen before in the new series.

And another Mr Saxon ending… this time with him tapping out the theme tune on a glass table…. weird! Roll on June 30!

2 Responses to “Coming (not) soon (enough!)”

  1. Peter A Says:

    That tapping combined with everything else in the scene has to be the most sinister image yet in the new series. If RTD is trying to build up the threat of Saxon as a major obstacle to the Doctor, then hopefully we’re not just going to see an ‘only kidding’ sort of villain with MPs gassed unconscious and everything resolved with a quick buzz of the sonic screwdriver. Too easy.

    Nice return for an old freind in Jack… and those closing scenes look quite er… baleful? Puts me in mind of the last shots of Empire Strikes Back.

    Oh, and it looks like we’re wrong about the key word for this season. It’s not ‘Saxon’, it’s “aggh aggh aaaaaggghhh!”

  2. parkypants Says:

    Also, based on the snippets, the Human Nature two-parter is shaping up very nicely, and it looks like we’ll be getting some WWI action. Where’s Jessica Stevenson though?

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