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12 days of Christmas – Day 4

Saturday, December 19th, 2009


Chris miss cracker? Not on our watch! So here we are on Day Four of our excursion into Time Lords past, and some pertinent questions of the RTD Era. In this installment:

Question 4: What for you is the best new addition to the series mythology?

12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

Friday, December 18th, 2009


Hello-ho-ho! And welcome to another New Series question as we count down the RTD/Tennant/Tenth Doctor/2009 Specials days…

Question 3: What – to your mind – is the story that best exemplifies the style of the new series?

(Note: your answer needn’t be a positive one if you insist, but it’s Christmas after all, so think about the kids…)

12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Hullo! And Day Two is here with a new question for you all concerning the rapidly evaporating RTD Era…

Question 2: What is your favourite piece of non-Doctor, non-companion casting of the New Series?

12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


Ho Ho Ho!!!

Time for some appropriately-themed activities. Over the next twelve days we’ll be counting down Time Lord incarnations and days to The End of Time (or Christmas if you’re otherwise/simultaneously inclined). Also, it’s a countdown to the end of the RTD Years! Regardless of how you may feel about it, it’s an occasion worth marking – and why not with some questions, wishes and the like about the years Eccleston to Tennant? Let’s start things simply shall we?

Question 1: A simple one – what’s your favourite New Series Christmas story?

(In the spirit of inclusiveness let’s allow The Unquiet Dead and Attack of the Graske in there, if you like)

Fast Return – November 2009

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

"Well, you wanted a regeneration scene..." A new Fast Return – already? What? Whaat? WHAAAT? Heh, that never gets old, does it?

Anyway, so November has come – what did we learn last month?

A bouquet to Prime TV from Zeus Blog for screening Waters of Mars so soon after its UK airdate. Whether it’s a programmer realising the importance of timeliness to a fan base, or perhaps someone seeing the hazards of giving impatient would-be viewers too much downloading time, it’s a welcome move. More of this for 2010, please! 

I don’t know the answer to that question (if I knew I would tell you). But that Lawrence Miles gets EVERYWHERE! Here he is, or mention of him at least in the movies blog on Stuff. And an opportunity for a fellow fan/Retrospace to help a sister out too, maybe. 



Enough wth the cheering though. Who’s for some complaining?! I thought so.

That trailer. Yeah, that one.  High definition leis and ray bans all in the name of chariddy. Is the Doctor mad, bad, or just his loveable whimsical self? The jury’s out, but as it’s a genuine excerpt from The End of Time and not a specially-made knees-up like Time Crash we can assume that all that fluff and the bit with the car lock sound is part of the Rusty Masterplan. Huh. Interesting…

Yeaahhh. Not sure how to take this rather prurient bon mot from the Children in Need trailer. At face value? Well, it seals a storyline up that wasn’t screaming out to be (cf the Face of Boe and Captain Jack) and some might say it cheapens the Doctor to create a past sexual liaison with Elizabeth I for the sake of a one-liner. But you know, he could just be mad, or bad, or something. Maybe I’m wrong and DW‘s core audience man and boy, girl and woman are out there still punching the air and saying “Yesss! Get in there my son!”

Couple of points though:

1. Character milestones like this really need longer build-ups to ‘sell’. The Chase isn’t yet out on DVD, so plenty of time for the Restoration Team’s CG boffins to insert some stirring ‘neath the Hartnell trouser during the Space-Time Visualiser scene, perhaps. Continuity is so important!

2. Perhaps the gag works best because the Doctor is over 900 years old obviously so young and virile. So we’re probably supposed to picture him in union (if we must) with, say, the likes of Miranda Richardson’s Elizabeth or Cate Banchett’s version of the Virgin Queen. And not, say, the versions portrayed by Judi Dench, or Glenda Jackson. Or Quentin Crisp. As fine as they all were.

Me, I just pity the poor parents who have to explain the joke to the kids.

But of course it’s also time for another novelty alien head, after the Moxx of Balhoun (a ringpiece on a blue bollock), the dreaded Dalek Sec (a one-eyed willy-go-round on a pair of gonads) why not do the same for the already squeamish-looking Ood? So step forward our new super Ood for the end of the year finale, with a bonce that looks for all the world like a… well. Moving on, who’s the special guest star voicing this specimen then? Brian who? Oh dear…

Doctor Who turned 46 last month – hooray! Now there were a lot of tribute videos made to mark the occasion and you might want to cross over to some blogs such as Morgue’s or Jamas’ to see some, but here’s our pick. It’s not a tribute per se, but a nice linking between the old and the new, the first and the most recent. Set TARDIS desktop pattern to Old School…

Play safe everyone!