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Betterer… Strongerer… Fasterer!

Friday, April 13th, 2007


We live in fast times, and no times are so fast than those of the monthly pubzine. Although we’ve boasted of Zeus Plug’s loose-playing, throwaway element (“Winner of Wellington’s Best Beermat-cum-DW-themed-Pubzine for 2006”), the truth is that it’s taken a lot of energy and no small amount of money bringing it out to a monthly schedule. Could we keep doing it at this rate in 2007? Probably we could after a four-month break; but we’re not going to.

Oh sit down. You’ll still have Zeus Plug! But like Ranquin in The Power of Kroll we’re bowing to the inevitable Tentacle of Progress. Zeus Plug the pocket-sized publication is no more – Zeus Blog must live!

So, you ask – what is a Zeus Blog and what will it do for my family? Well, it won’t put bread on your table for a start. Worse, it won’t put bread on ours. But it will do a few trickier things that your old A6 publication couldn’t do: it’ll be faster and more colourful, quicker to arrive and, best of all, interactive. That’s right – this time your actual opinion of what you’ve just read will now be able to be posted alongside the rest of the inane drivel content. That’s the main benefit, alongside the sheer lightning speed of modern teckernology; everything else is just gravy – cartoons, pugnacious opinion pieces, regular head-to-head battles, and your favourite features of the old pubzine. Oh, and some reviews too, because there really should be somewhere for these to go that doesn’t require a six-month publication lead-up, and we hear that Interweb thing is just the place.

Paper is dead, baby – these days it’s all done online!