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Monster Mash: Quarter Final

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen – here are your final eight!

The following monsters have prove their mettle in numerous arenas with several bouts between them. Undefeated, they will face one another to see who gets through to the final four and the semi-finals this time next week. The first team announced for each bout is awarded initiative.Let’s play…

Location: The Desert
Teams: Cheetah People vs Ogrons
The Cheetah People are back on their horses! Apex predators who hunt in packs with great speed and skill against the aforementioned monkeys with guns. On foot. Thoughts?

Location: The Pinnacles
Teams: Axons vs Toclafane
A gestalt being which absorbs energy and organic matter and delivers fatal plasma strikes against insane flying cyborgs with their own built-in forcefield. What do you think?

Location: The Crater Lake
Teams: Sea Devils vs Rutans
Both have an affinity for water and neither like heat very much. The Sea Devils have a range weapon while the Rutan deliver their shock largely by touch. Neither are great shakes in a cross country event. So…?

Location: The Standing Stones
Teams: Ice Warriors vs Sontarans
It’s another battle between heavily-armoured warrior races! Will the Ice Warriors be out-manouevered by the Trolls from Sontar, or will the taller team win? Over to you!

 Voting as usual is via the feedback form below. Let’s get this party started!

Monster Mash: Round Three

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen to this, Round Three of our inaugural Monster Mash, and the first encounter between the winners of our first two rounds!

We’re seated here in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, a mosaic landscape of wildly varying terrain and climates to determine the answer to that most enduring of questions: Which Doctor Who Monster could beat all the others up before breakfast?

Winners are decided by YOU through the etheric medium of the feedback form below, with ties to be adjudicated by our glamorous assistant, the utterly lovely Jonovoratrelundar. Sixteen teams will be slugging it out today, to become eight a week from today, and then four, and then two, and then. Well, the Spice Girls put it best.

But to a different set of monsters – let’s meet our teams!

Here are the Winners of Rounds One and Two: (more…)

Monster Mash: Round Two

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008


We’re back in the Death Zone of Gallifrey, where the grimmest and greatest of televisual Doctor Who monsters are slugging it out for the coveted tiara of infamy – first prize in our inaugural Monster Mash! True to the original Death Zone the Daleks and Cybermen will not be making an appearance because a) they’re ‘too good’ at the game and b) that rivalry has already been played out and not everyone was happy. We couldn’t allow a rematch – there’s simply too much at stake!

But first: Round One Results:

The battles were hard fought – one was a weird struggle between crustaceans and creepers, another looked like a squad of Vogans beating themselves up. They fought on the causeway, in the air, and in the ice caves; but in the end only one team of each location could be the winner.

Ultimately two bouts were so close they ended in a tie, so we had to go to our impartial touch judge, the glamorous Jonovoratrelundar to give us the casting vote. And the winners are:

Ice Warriors, Sycorax, Refusians, Tractators, Menoptra, Rutans, Krynoids and Draconians.

Each team will return in Round Three, to face a new enemy apiece. And so the game continues after the fold… (more…)

Monster Mash: Round One

Thursday, March 6th, 2008


The setting: The Death Zone of Gallifrey:

The Set-Up: It’s Monsters beating up other monsters to determine which race – in a fight – are the ultimate champion! No robots, mind.

The Rules: Voting is open to YOU the reader. Assume the beasties have their own kit (but no spaceships of course). The most-voted for team wins each of their particular rounds and progresses to the next level.

Let’s begin…

 Location: The Labyrinth
Combatants: Ice Warriors versus Nimon

Mars’ finest come armed with sonic weapons and great swords for their noble class. Weaknesses include extreme heat. The Nimon can emit deadly beams from their horns and have great strength. Initiative is awarded to: Ice Warriors

 Location: The Catacombs
Combatants: Silurians versus Sycorax

Earth’s Silurians have built-in cranial emiters that radiate various energies including a lethal ray. The Sycorax have swords, spears, and blood magic (providing they get first blood!) Initiative is awarded to: The Sycorax

Location: The Plains
Combatants: Refusians versus Vogans

The invisible Refusians have their relative lack of visibility as their greatest strength (although they don’t always have the wits to cover their tracks). They are also very strong. The Vogans are armed with projectile firearms. Initiative is awarded automatically to: Refusians

 Location: The Ice Caverns
Combatants: Cryons versus Tractators

The Cryons of Telos are armed with energy blasters and thermal explosives, although exposure to even temperate climates can be fatal. The Tractators are unarmed, but have a Gravis as their coordinator. Their talent is to manipulate local gravity fields. Initiative is awarded to: Cryons

Location: Sky Arena
Combatants: Tetraps versus Menoptra

 Aerial combat! The Tetraps can fly for short distances and can paralyse with a bite. Their weapons fire nets. The Menoptra of Vortis can also fly and carry energy weapons. Their organisation is military. Initiative is awarded to: Tetraps

 Location: The Causeway
Combatants: Judoon versus Rutans

The Judoon carry flesh disintegrating blasters and are built, literally, like rhinoceri. Representatives of the Rutan Host can assume most animal forms and kill with electrical impulses. Movement in their natural state is awkward  and exhausting. Initiative is awarded to: Rutans

 Location: The Rainforest
Combatants: Macra versus Krynoids

The parasitic Macra have great claws and strength on their side, using a hypnotic gas to overpower living creatures around them. The Krynoids consume animal matter and can control plant life within a localised area, movement in their natural state is limited. Initiative is awarded to: The Macra

 Location: The Temple
Combatants: Voord versus Draconians 

Our final bout of the day pits the rubbery Voord – silent amphibious assassins with nasty knives against the noble Draconians and their sword and blaster combo. Initiative is awarded to: The Voord

Let the Voting Commence!